My Dog Rocky

As you know on my Instagram I did adopt a dog from Wake County Animal Shelter on April 13th 2017. I absolutley love my dog, when we got him, the next day I literally spent $100 worth of teats and toys for my dog! He still has those toys and loves them!

My dog had to have surgery like a month ago, because he had a infection in his paw, so he had a cone on for 3 weeks, and he is going good, it looks like there was nothing wrong in the first place which was good, of course the vet gave us meds for him. But he is feeling much better as he did before.

My dog’s birthday is the day we got him, because we don’t know when he was born, “he was a stray”, so his birthday is the lucky April 13th! I canno’t wait to celebrate his birthday, I found a bakery which is called “Gourmutts Bakery” visit their website here:, but they do have cookies, cakes and treats for dogs! They are super nice and kind, so for his birthday, we will be getting a cake, so their policy is, if you want a cake, let a day notice before. Which is very good. I do love that place.

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