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Hello my name is Bobby King. I was born on August 7th 2003 in Durham NC, and then raised in Raleigh NC. I used to love building stuff as child, I used to have “Lincoln Logs” which were absolutely fun to build little houses and cottages with, I did donate them in 2010, because I was getting too old, I guess, but I wish I still had them.

My first beach incident was bad, I went to Myrtle Beach, so I did see a shark in the water, for my stupid herorics  were, I tried to kick it, so that didn’t work, so I screamed (SHARK! SHARK! SHARK!), this was in 2008 by the way, but I never been since, I am truly scared of beaches after that, I knew what I saw, it was a damn shark heading to me! So that was great! I will never go back to a beach, and never swim in a beach again.

When 6th grade start, I had this wonderful teacher named Ms. Huber, she tough Social Studies, she was the best teacher I can even ask for, she was truly the best teacher. She did encourage me of being a teacher when I do get older to get a job, and my actions to do that the money is already saved up, (when I was born, my grandparents set up a college fund of a sum amount of money which I will not tell how much it is, but it’ll get me into college and maybe a masters), but she really did encourage me of wanting to be a teacher, the first of 7th grade, things began to get bad, I had bad classes and my attendance went down dramatically, I missed 68 total school days, which consequently had me to repeat the grade again, in June 9th of 2017, I did graduate 7th grade for the 2nd time, and I am heading towards 8th, which is my last year in Middle School, which I am glad of.

During high school, I want to attend college during high school, because that is a thing and it can be mastered, because why spend 8 years of school when you can do it together, so high school first and then college, that will be my life for 4 years, so I can earn that high school diploma which I need by law, and my masters to be a teacher! I am going to be a teacher, and some of my “peers” teased me of doing that, but I don’t really care, I am in control of my life and I can make it happen, if I believe in myself. And that is what you have to do if you want something as bad as I do with my job profession.


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