My Scary Ouija Board Experience

Before I begin, you should never play with Ouija Boards, they are not just a “game”, I believe it is a portal to hell, in my opinion. But nothing less, lets begin.

In November of 2016 I bought myself a Ouija Board, I thought I’ll do anything, its fake; nope that is not what happened.

I asked “what is your name”, it said Zozo, if you don’t know who Zozo is, it is a Ouija Demon, it comes out nice, but it has very bad intentions. I was literally scared during that. CLICK HERE to learn more about this Ouija Demon.

I wanted my father to turn it back, so he did and I got my money back, the next week I bought it again; to just have it, I still have the board, and have not played since.

So; listen; don’t ever play the Ouija Board ever, it is not a good idea; I will probably play it again, but on camera. So that will be coming soon!


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