Storytime: My horror at the beach, I almost died.

Hello guys, love my lovely post title? I know me also!

In the summer of 2007 my family and our friends went to Myrtle Beach, I had a awesome time in the sand, riding the waves and making sandcastles, finding sand dollars and etc. Until I went into the ocean, I saw a shark underwater swimming towards me with its mouth open and I was completely terrified, I was very scared, and yes; sharks can come into the shallow part, and I am 100% positive it was trying to eat me, and I screamed SHARK SHARK, I was so freakin’ scared; I am going to face my fears again this year; Im going to the “Falls Valley Beach”, if something like that happens again, I will never go to a beach again.

And that was real, all of that was real. I was scared, legitimately scared. If the same thing happened to you, please share it with me! Thanks!

-Bobby K.



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