I hate my dad

I want to make a post which I am very open with you guys and make my actual life live with ya’ll. My dad is the worst person I can even ask for, but my mother is literally my roe model, I love her so much; but my dad is a totally different thing.

The reason that I hate my father is… he yells, cusses, today; my dad has became more of a asshole, he is a total jerk, and my mom also thinks the same, I hate my father so much; that if I die without a father I’ll be great; I even hate him so much that I try to talk to my mother of divorcing him, and it is all his fault. My mother said “before you were born, he was a great guy”, does that say something? Or.. not)

I try to even get him out of the house for a day or more will be fine, I am probably the 2nd person who really hates my dad, probably; if you do also; let me know. Today; he has been yelling of the simplest things we say; and I cannot take the yelling. He has been doing this for 4 times! I have a life; and I will not live like this anymore, if I save up a ton of money when I get older, I will move my mother in with me so he can just get away from him.


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